IC Edge (Intercultural Competence Edge) is a national diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm that specializes in providing interactive, educational experiences. Its training is intercultural competence-based and covers most diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics. The company focuses on matching an organization’s DEI educational needs with one of the top facilitators in the country to create sustainable change.

We are proud to have received the 2019 Emerging Business Award for our work in solving clients’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion challenges

Our Vision

A World that Values and Respects Everyone

Our Mission

To create Unity, Equity, and Inclusion through Intercultural Understanding and Appreciation

Our Core Belief

Only after we develop a more intercultural mindset do we allow diversity, equity, and inclusion

to flourish within an organization!

In an increasingly diverse world, is your team prepared for success? Do they have the tools they need to navigate cross-cultural interactions, whether with an overseas client or within the walls of their own workplace? The key to improving communication, increasing team productivity, creating an inclusive environment, and minimizing inter-personal conflict is in Intercultural Competence education.

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What is Intercultural Competence?

We’ve moved beyond the era of the old stale Diversity & Inclusion training. Intercultural Competence is a more comprehensive, effective, and sophisticated approach to remedying cross-cultural differences. It goes beyond simple demographic differences (such as race or gender) and takes into account cultural norms and traditions, communication styles, belief and value systems, and much more.

We describe it as a skill that individuals and organizations can learn which enables them to work effectively across cultures. This skill is a person’s ability to bridge cultural differences in order to build diverse, inclusive and equitable organizations.

Intercultural Competence is a critical component of business success, no matter your industry.

  • Corporations
  • School Districts
  • Non-profit companies
  • Government Agencies

The modern workplace and the global marketplace demand intercultural competence.

Why Choose IC Edge?

IC Edge delivers results-oriented workshops that teach the skill of intercultural competence using experiential learning techniques, group exercises, and discussion to help class participants internalize key concepts. Our world-class facilitators take class participants through a journey of discovery. They discover more about themselves, about other cultures and then how to bridge differences. Class participants are thus better equipped to:

For schools:

…build an inclusive environment

…understand and advocate for equity

…reduce the achievement gap

…hire and retain a diverse staff

 For business and government:

…strengthen cross-cultural customer relationships

…develop multicultural marketing programs

…successfully lead global teams

…recognize and solve intercultural personnel conflicts

…maximize the talents of a diverse workplace

…minimize legal exposure by creating an environment of respect for all people

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“I’ve traveled the world extensively, leading workshops with 30 different cultures.  My global exposure has been incredibly insightful and has heightened my cultural competence.  However, this workshop opened my eyes to the nuances of culture and how to “connect” on a different level by building strong cultural relationships.  It was my “missing piece” to drive transformational behavior shifts and outcomes.”

Scott A. Morris, International Sales Development Leader

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