Michael Carter, CEO

Michael D. Carter is the founder and CEO of IC Edge (Intercultural Competence Edge), a full-service diversity consulting firm that focuses on delivering high-quality intercultural competence education. Michael teaches that once we shift our mindsets to a more interculturally competent orientation, we allow diversity, equity, and inclusion to flourish within our organization. His main responsibility is to collaborate with organizations as they begin their diversity, equity and inclusion journey and match them with the right educational partner. Michael is also an experienced facilitator of intercultural competence training and teaches frequently.





Loretta Van Pelt, Senior Facilitator
Melanie Miller, Senior Facilitator
Jonamay (Joni) Lambert, Senior Facilitator
Enidio Magel, Senior Facilitator
Deborah Carter, Senior Facilitator
Armers Moncure, Senior Facilitator


Naomi Ludeman Smith, Senior Facilitator


Mitchell Davis, Jr., Senior Facilitator


Lori Crever, Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships