Lori Crever worked for two decades in a Fortune 50 company developing and managing international communications, employee engagement, diversity, and social responsibility programming. She oversaw a mentor program that helped over 440 global professionals advance their careers; she later coauthored and facilitated a workshop covering mentoring know-how that reached hundreds of staff in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. Her methods have proven effective for mentors and mentees alike, and the application of her discoveries has resulted in substantial surges in many careers.

Ms. Crever has a degree in communications and theater arts from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. She is a former New York music industry assistant, Wall Street communications consultant, and bit player on a network soap opera. Lori has served as a charter high school board member, Introduction to Implementing Human Rights into Organizational Leadership course instructor, and trainer of corporate social responsibility professionals in Tokyo. When not speaking and writing on business topics, she regularly performs improvisational comedy in the Twin Cities.