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Edge Academy

These core courses help you become interculturally competent and, also, prepares you for more complex diversity topics.

Course 1: Introduction to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Intercultural Competence

In this course, we explore the most common and clear definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion and intercultural competence. These concepts are the foundation of all intercultural competence learning to come. Each concept will allow us to better understand the value of effectively working with people who are culturally different than ourselves. This value is both personal and organizational. The course also tackles the tough subject of diversity resistance and why it is stronger in some organizations than others. This session is the first session in a six-part series and is the foundation of all learning to come.

Course 2: Cultural Self-Understanding: The First Step Toward Intercultural Competence

During this session, you will learn about unconscious bias, what it is and where it comes from. You will learn how it relates to intercultural competence: the number one skill for building cross-cultural relationships and inclusion. You will discover how unconscious bias shows up in the workplace, how it reduces opportunities and creates tension. We will also take an important journey into micro-messaging and micro-inequities.

Course 3: Unconscious Bias: The Biggest Impediment to Intercultural Competence

In this course, we discuss the power of culture and how it shapes our worldview and interactions with others. This is an eye-opening session that shows you how almost everything we do is from our own cultural context. In addition, you will learn how to better interpret situations from multiple perspectives. Finally, we will examine one of the most reliable and valid assessments of an individual’s and organization’s intercultural competence, which is a powerful skill for building inclusion.

Course 4: Mitigating Unconscious Bias: The Road to Higher Levels of Intercultural Competence

It is important to have deep understanding of unconscious bias; it is equally important to understand how to mitigate it. In this session, we focus on mitigation of your personal unconscious biases. Then we will look at the negative effects of such biases on diversity initiatives such as recruiting, retention, and inclusion.

Course 5: Undoing Stereotypes and Understanding Cultural Patterns

In this session, you will learn what a cultural pattern is, how it differs from a stereotype, and how you can use this information to build powerful and effective cross-cultural relationships. Learning how to recognize a cultural pattern helps you to better understand others, as well as yourself. We will also explore the important topic of values and how these can trigger emotions that risk derailing important conversations and relationships.

Course 6: Bridging Skills: Navigating Differences in Your World & Workplace

In the final course of this six-part series, we bring together all the core concepts and disciplines needed to bridge cultural differences and become more effective at building cross-cultural relationships and inclusion. This journey starts with understanding how to foster cross-cultural trust. Then we explore behaviors that use our intercultural competence mindset and skills to recognize and successfully navigate cultural differences.