“When it comes to working with people of different cultures, this training made my worldview much more open and mindful.  I now believe I can be a better leader of diverse business teams and the students I coach.”

-Candace Mailand, Frontline Sales Program Manager

Individual Coaching

Intercultural Competence Edge provides one-on-one coaching to current and future leaders.  It is specially designed to help the leader learn how to navigate American’s different cultures whether they be race, gender, sexuality, etc.. This coaching includes an assessment of the leaders level of cultural competence and a personalized plan on how to improve.

Organizational Assessment

We will assess your organization’s level of cultural competence and cultivate a plan for improving it. A holistic approach to strengthening your organization’s cultural competence leads to across-the-board growth and development.  We use various techniques for assessing your organization including, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and online assessments individuals complete.

Intercultural Competence Education

Intercultural Competence Edge Inc. delivers results-oriented workshops that teach individuals and organizations how to build stronger cross-cultural relationships in order to increase employee productivity, engagement, and inclusion. Our workshops are known for being engaging, cutting-edge, and effective. Participants walk away with new confidence in their intercultural competency abilities and the effects of this transformation are long-term.

How Are the Workshops Structured?

Intercultural Competence is a skill that can be assessed and improved upon with education. Development of an individual’s and organization’s intercultural competence is a journey that takes time, commitment and education. CCE provides the training in 4 modules that build upon each other.  At CCE we believe that before initiating a recruitment, retention or engagement program, an organization must first work on becoming more interculturally competent.

Each workshop is 4-6 hours long and is designed for 10-30 participants.


Additional Workshops Topics

  • Effect multicultural recruiting
  • Retaining your talent
  • Pipeline/Session planning with diversity and inclusion in mind
  • Multicultural employee engagement
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • How to create beneficial employee resource groups
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Please contact us for any other topic you are interested in

Who Benefits?

  • Current/Future Business Leaders
  • Business Teams
  • Office of Diversity
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Training Departments

What Are the Results?

Our workshops produce long-lasting, positive results for both individuals and organizations.

  • Boost team productivity
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce team conflicts
  • Higher levels of diversity, equity and inclusion

How Will the Workshops Benefit My Company?

marketplace square

  • Better understand and serve your diverse clients
  • Strengthen external cross-cultural B-to-B relationships
  • Develop multicultural marketing programs

workplace square

  • Create an inclusive environment
  • Successfully lead global teams
  • Recognize and solve intercultural conflicts
  • Maximize the talents of a diverse workplace
  • Minimize legal exposure by creating an environment of respect for all people

workforce square

  • Hire a productive diverse workforce
  • Retain your talent
  • Increase engagement
  • Pipeline/session planning

How Can We Get Started?

For a free consultation, please contact Cultural Competence Edge through our website form or by calling 651.363.1633.