Carole Burton

Carole Burton is known as a go-to resource for tough conversations. For over twenty years, Carole took time to learn about the business world in Retail and Industrial Manufacturing while working for small, medium, and large-size for-profit organizations. She observed how the Structure, Operations, and Systems defined the company’s future. Carole started in local sales and moved into regional sales roles while learning about the national food portion of the retail industry. She shifted to working for an industrial manufacturer in a national sales role. Carole then moved into corporate procurement, becoming a Senior Buyer. She led and partnered with domestic plant buyers and company executive leaders and developed relationships with domestic and global vendors.

Carole is the Founder and Managing Director of Radiance Resources LLC. Her business insights help organizations understand how equity enables teams to be their best and meet their financial goals. Carole focuses on how people navigate the workplace culture daily. She creates safer spaces for people to evolve in three ways:

  1. Carole guides mid-level managers in understanding how to lead and manage today’s employees.
  2. Carole supports their teams in understanding how each team member functions. They will discover ways to develop each other’s skills.
  3. Carole helps the manager and team connect, work through conflict, improve processes, adapt, and plan strategically personally and as a team.

Carole holds a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Leadership Studies. Carole is an Intercultural Development Inventory® Qualified Administrator, a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and A Wiley Brand Everything DiSC® Facilitator, Trainer, and Authorized Partner.