Enidio Magel

Enidio is a business consultant. He delivers a wide range of leadership programs focusing on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias, respect in the workplace and intercultural leadership.

His global reach includes four continents and countries such as Argentina, Bangkok, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. He has worked closely with major clients like Bank of New York Mellon, The National Basketball Association, Ernst & Young, Littler Mendelson P.C, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, LEGO, Shell Oil, Ford Motor Co., and UNICEF, among others.

Enidio is a published writer and a visiting faculty member of the Omega Institute. Some of his writing contributions include “Managing Differences at Work”, “Strength in Diversity” and “How well Managed Cultural Training Programs Can Turn Conflict into Profits”. His writing has been featured in Parenting, El Mundo, and The Austin American Statesman magazines and newspapers. Prior to the Multi-Cultural Institute, Enidio was part of the executive team that founded People Express Airlines.

Mr. Magel holds a cross-cultural Psychology degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology. Enidio is fluent in both Spanish and English and is a certified medical interpreter. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Examples of initiatives led by Mr. Magel and the Multi-Cultural Institute

  • The design and facilitation of unconscious bias training for the National Basketball Association.
  • The facilitation of gender equity dialogues for the United Nation’s UNICEF program in South East Asia.
  • A successful agency roll out of sexual harassment and EEO education for 14 Police and Sheriff’s Departments in the State of Texas including the Austin Police Department, Galveston Police Department, Travis County Sheriff’s Department, and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.
  • A comprehensive, skills-based, cross-cultural training program for a major international airline’s customer service division. Training focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to deliver effectively targeted service support to a multicultural client base.
  • The design and facilitation of cultural competency training modules for healthcare professionals. In addition, the Multi-Cultural Institute has served as the internal consultant for the National Resource Center on Cultural Competency and the National Hemophilia Foundation.