Lori Crever is Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at IC Edge. The firm employs intercultural competence awareness and skills development to improve recognition and management of difference in the workplace. Lori collaborates with partners and clients on fully comprehending and mapping out their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) journey. She follows and embodies the IC Edge philosophy that once we shift our mindsets to a more interculturally competent orientation, we invite diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to flourish.

Prior, Lori served as Communications and Employee Engagement Programs Manager for two decades with the Wells Fargo International Group. She conceived and led innovative programs ranging from cross-cultural mentoring to shepherding Wells Fargo’s entry into the global poverty eradication movement known as micro-lending. In this function, Lori facilitated team member exchanges with economic development offices in Colombia, India, and China. She was the catalyst for the formation of the first-ever Wells Fargo Human Rights Statement Committee and is one of the statement’s co-authors.

Lori is a business professional steeped in the humanities. She is a published poet and lifelong performing artist who has worked on stage, in video production, and on television in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul as well Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. As a certified coach and judge, Lori has viewed and critiqued more than 8,000 high school speech and one-act play presentations, skillfully aiding students to convey their original ideas, objective understanding, and artistry to the highest of their abilities.

A standout in Lori’s corporate resume was overseeing a formal mentor program that helped hundreds of people to expand their careers. Lori designed and delivered courses on mentoring know-how and the establishment of cross-cultural rapport. Her career breakthrough strategies are the subject of her book, Protégé Power: A Roadmap to Mentorship, published in 2021. In addition to her work at IC Edge, Lori is a Lead Facilitator on People-Centered Supervision and Building Resilient Teams courses for the People Incorporated Training Institute, and educates mentor program participants in organizations around the world as an Adjunct Facilitator with the Center for Mentoring Excellence.

Lori has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Theater from the University of Minnesota. She has been an urban charter high school board member, Introduction to Implementing Human Rights into Organizational Leadership course instructor, and trainer of corporate social responsibility professionals in Tokyo. When not collaborating and speaking on workplace issues of innovation and inclusion, Lori performs improvisational comedy, and participates frequently in poetry and storytelling events.