Mitchell Davis, Jr.

Mitchell Davis, Jr. is President of MDavis Consulting LLC., a management and training consulting company.

Past professional positions include, Director of the Office of Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH), Minnesota. Davis was selected to lead the office in January 2006. The office had specific focus on Native American and Populations of Color. A key strategy was promoting health equity and reducing health disparities through programmatic solutions grounded in community asset strategies and interventions.

As OMMH director, Davis served as liaison on health disparity issues to state, local and tribal government leaders, as well as interest groups and the community/public; providing leadership, advice and assistance, cultivating new ideas, while growing relationships with all sectors and segments of the community.

Before joining the Minnesota Department of Health, Mr. Davis served in business consulting, where he focused in the areas of health and human services, community development, program/project management, domestic violence, corrections re-entry, facilitation and strategic planning.

Previously, Davis directed the Children’s Wellness Project at the Minneapolis Foundation (funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation); which focused on health provider services delivered in a culturally appropriate manner and family capacity building to reduce significant health disparities (infant mortality) that exist between children of color and caucasian children. Through this project, Mr. Davis built community and institutional collaborations, engaged thought leaders in promoting positive health outcomes for children of color ages 0-3 in Minneapolis, reviewed/ administered grants, and raised funds to finance the project’s activities.

He also held management positions at North Memorial Healthcare and the Minnesota Hospital Association. He has led and participated in numerous health policy initiatives, civic engagement activities, grew inter-relationship between public and private sectors, public health institutions, faith organizations, community-based organizations, immigrant populations and medical institutions.

He has served as a board member of ClearWay Minnesota, Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital, a charter member of the State Offices of Minority Health, alumni member of the California Grantsmanship Center, Master Leadership Forum participant, Junior Achievement mentor, President of the Minnesota Healthcare Financial Management Association and has received the Who’s Who in Health and Medicine Award. He has traveled to West Africa, where he had the opportunity to help plan and mobilize a portion of Ghana’s response to raising the health status of its citizens.

Trained in business administration, health care management, grant administration, IDI qualified administrator, theology, facilitation/community cultures, he has always been interested in the roles that culture, race and ethnicity play in public health and the delivery of health and human services.